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</head> Obamacare is pig in a poke; House GOP protects us all
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Updated: 10/09/2013 08:00:02AM

Obamacare is pig in a poke; House GOP protects us all

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In answer to Paula Dockery’s recent question, what’s happened to the Republican Party: some of us actually still believe in Constitutional government. Nothing in the Constitution states we have to roll over for a government leviathan that is neither competent, beneficial nor operating constitutionally.

Checks and balances were built into the Constitution so that the House of Representatives could protect the people from government tyranny and caprice through the power of the purse. That’s where the word Republican comes from: it’s a republic. It’s not a monarchy or a winner-take-all government.

American people have made their voices clear to their representatives, as I have to mine: Please don’t buckle. Don’t fund Obamacare. You don’t have to — ever.

To protect the nation from this very stupid and expensive law with so many ad hoc waivers and illegal exceptions, this House and any future House is Constitutionally empowered to defund it. If other branches want to shut the government down, it’s on them.

Former State Senator Paula Dockery, who eccentrically still claims to be a Republican, has been sitting on the sidelines throwing grenades at her own team since she was not taken seriously as a candidate for governor in 2010.

She rose without a trace to the state legislature, and her influence on Florida law and on the Florida Republican Party during her years in Tallahassee is too slight to measure. The only reason she appears in print and on the air is the media loves and showcases anyone who criticizes conservatives. If this someone is also a Republican (or claims to be one), so much the better.

The daughter of a Democratic Party boss, Ms. Dockery only ran as a Republican because that was the party much in favor in Polk County then (as now). Now she casts off Republican and conservative principles as shamelessly as Charlie Crist does. She never had any understanding of or loyalty to the party she so glibly criticizes now. With Republicans like Dockery, we really don’t need Democrats.

If the three-year-old law is so good, why are so many arbitrary exceptions granted to rich and powerful political donors? Why is anything being capriciously put off for some while the ordinary guy is expected to abide by tyrannical mandates because they have no influence or favor with the big boys and girls in the White House and the Democratic Party? Where in the Constitution does it say the President can rewrite his law to suit himself or his party?

If Obamacare is so good for peons, why doesn’t it apply to Congress and its staff exactly as it applies to any other citizen? Why aren’t Democratic Senators and Congressmen required to go online and join an exchange or find their own private health insurance with their own money and not taxpayer subsidies? This is another glaring unlawful carve-out that the House can protect us all from.

This law is a pig in a poke and to do anything to further its implementation, including funding it, is to cooperatively walk to the gallows that hangs the U.S. economy, our individual and personal freedom and thus the entire nation.

Obamacare completes the transformation where we are all now slaves and dependents of the state. Stopping the funding is the Constitutional remedy and if a shutdown is what the President wants, it’s his choice. The House should not fund any of it nor any continuing resolution that imperils the nation’s economy and our future. House GOP members should not go wobbly under pressure from the Chicken Wing of the Republican Party.

Some things are important enough to fight for.

That 850,000 (or fewer) U.S. employees are temporarily inconvenienced is of far less importance than what will happen to the whole nation under Obamacare.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say government employees are perpetually entitled to anything without occasional interruption due to checks and balances. A government paycheck is a privilege, not a right. Anyone complaining about his/her benefits being interrupted can tell it to the ghosts of the Continental Army of 1776.

More than 40 years ago I was a government employee in the USMC and I swore to uphold the entire Constitution, including the part that says all money bills originate in the House.

Strange as it may seem, many of us in fly-over country are not government employees and we work hard and run businesses to live in freedom. Our inconvenience is greater.

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