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Updated: 02/19/2015 06:31:55PM

Who are they anyway?

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Mike Brennan
Put in my opinion, which I respect.

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Remember back in the day before all of our technology, when “fast food” was really fast? What happened? Isn’t technology supposed to help us cut corners, or could it be that we have used technology to just cut jobs?

How about items that are “new and improved”? Which is it? If it’s new, how can it possibly be improved? This concept needs a little work (in my opinion, which I respect).

And why do stores say “up to 50 percent off, and more”? Why not tell us what the “more” is?

Another issue I struggle with is “THEY” – who are “they” we hear about these people all the time. When a person is shopping and asks a clerk where a particular item is located, and then are told, you can hear him say as he walks away “they moved it.” Or when considering going to a movie you hear that “they” thought it was a terrible movie.

Really now, why don’t “they” identify themselves, perhaps with a name tag (it’s not like it would cost much, as all of them would say “they”). These could be made in bulk, perhaps by “they” themselves. I recall a time in a grocery store when a lady asked about a certain product. I informed her that it was discontinued. Her reply was understandable, she said, how come every time an item comes into a store, and it sells real well “they” discontinue it. I informed her that as reasonable as her statement sounded, “they” would never drop an item that sold really well. That’s not what “they” do. She probably walked away thinking I was “one of them.”

Ever considered a traffic jam? Let me talk with you about this. Somewhere, up ahead of every traffic jam is two miles of clear vacant road with some jerk (probably from Indiana) saying “Hey Martha, look at all of those cows and orange trees. If it’s tourist season, why can’t we shoot them? This also goes for all of the idiots that don’t understand the concept of “slower traffic staying out of the left hand lane.”

And speaking of marketing (which I now am) how about those labels that say no sugar, salt or MSG added? People, this does not mean that those things are not in the item, it may be loaded with all of this stuff.

It just means that there was enough in the item that the manufacturer saw no sense to “pile on” the stuff. And why not be the first cake mix company to proclaim an item as “100 percent arsenic free.” I mean, all cake mix is of course arsenic free, but why not be the first to state it. It might make the less than bright consumers wonder about the other brands.

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