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</head> Help the kids by not helping them so much
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Updated: 02/19/2015 06:32:15PM

Help the kids by not helping them so much

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Mike Brennan
Put in my opinion, which I respect.

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I am so happy that back when I first started going to school (a long, long time ago), that I wasn’t crippled with one of the labels we put on children today. In today’s society, our intentions are really noble, I’m sure, but the effect is to empower failure with a ready-made excuse. You see, we love our children so much that we can’t stand to see them have to struggle. Heaven forbid they should have to learn a lesson by failing. By the way, I failed second grade – best thing (other than discovering beer) that ever happened to me.

In my younger years, I’m sure that one of these “labels” would have been placed on me. You see, I had trouble concentrating/paying attention and couldn’t help but daydream pretty much all through the school day. Today, we would label this child ADHD, and we would “protect him.” I can only imagine as an 8-year-old child being told, “Oh no, honey, you can’t do this or that. You have a disability.” The child is going to believe the caring adults. Additionally, the child is going to get out of leaving to do a lot of things that seem unpleasant (like working on assignments). The crippling has begun.

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