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America – on its way to bankruptcy
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Updated: 03/12/2014 08:00:03AM

America –

on its way to bankruptcy

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Recently, Mr. Obama, thru his Obamacare mandates, put out the word that you could work at whatever your little (young) heart desires, and not worry about your healthcare because he had it in control. Sounds great on the surface as many Americans are supposedly “stuck” in dead-end jobs and have to remain in that job because of their health coverage. I always thought working helped you acquire a home and property, a nice car, support your family and pay the bills. You may have to do a job temporarily until something better comes along, but that’s the American way.

So who is going to pay for all these people sitting around and “following their dream”? It’s we “regular” Americans who systematically pay our Federal Income Tax. We have to pay because there are plenty of people who do not want to work and will take advantage of this new welfare-type giveaway, all designed to keep democrats in office and to have more power over the uninformed/misinformed masses. And, since we won’t have as many people working, now the Administration wants to IMPORT even more illegals, to “support the tax base,” ignoring the fact that every non-American receives much more in benefits than he/she pays in taxes. We even see Detroit politicians who want to import more illegals to Detroit to pump up the population. Duh!

Folks, this is all upside-down government. America is being bankrupted. There is no money in the Treasury to pay for these cockamamie schemes. And printing more money to provide these giveaways only leads to more inflation, making the dollar worth less and less. Watch what happens to the economy when the Federal Reserve stops the monthly infusion of $70-80 billion (yes, you heard right) into the nation’s money supply.

This madness has got to stop or we will end up like Bangladesh, a third world banana republic. The money does NOT belong to Obama or to the Congress. We pay an enormous salary to the President and each member of Congress and we expect them to do their job and not waste our tax dollars. When you consider the cost of “Obamacare,” the billions sent to foreign countries, the numerous welfare-type giveaways, and now the diminishing of the work ethic, America simply cannot survive. And speaking of Obamacare, if you have a pile of dog dung and you cover it over with gold paint, guess what – it is still a pile of dog dung. Referring to Obamacare as the “Affordable Care Act” is not only misleading, it is ridiculous, and it is definitely UNAFFORDABLE.

Obama professes to be a Christian. The Apostle Paul tells us in 2 Thessalonians 3:10, that if a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat. I guess that will be the next thing Obama will want to change.

Dick Hilliard

Lake Wales

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