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Polk County News and Democrat Man accused of stealing saw
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Updated: 08/23/2014 08:00:01AM

Man accused of stealing saw

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A man who was riding a bicycle and holding a saw on Aug. 7 was charged with burglary, resisting arrest without violence and theft, the Bartow Police Department reported.

At 10:22 p.m. police say they saw Reginald L. Liston, 39, of 1245 Fairview Ave., Bartow, going east on Bay Street on a bicycle that did not have lights and he had a saw. When he saw the police car, he allegedly dropped the bicycle and began running south passing through other properties. When told to stop, though police were identifying themselves as police, a foot pursuit continued. A second time Liston was asked to stop, at which time he dropped the saw and put up his hands, according to reports.

Once Liston was secured, Cory Leon Goff arrived and said Liston matched the description police released and he said saw him leaving 955 S. Lakeview Ave., according to reports. His wife, Miranda Faye Goff, said she saw the suspect reach into the back of their neighbor’s vehicle. Cory said once his wife told him what she saw, he began following Liston in his car. Cory said he followed Liston north on Lakeview, then east on Bay Street.

According to police, Miranda said she was leaving the house to go to Walmart when she heard a noise coming from her neighbor’s vehicle. She said at first she thought it was Stuart Blake Royer, but she saw Liston leaving on a bicycle. She asked Liston what he was doing and was met with no response. She then said she was going to call the police and Liston rode away north on Lakeview. She then told her husband to follow him while she called the police.

During police investigation, Royer, the owner of the vehicle, said the saw was in is tool box in the back of his pickup truck and he positively identified it.

Man charged with taking girlfriend’s car

A 19-year-old Bartow man was charged with grand theft auto and battery, Aug. 12 as he is accused of taking his girlfriend’s car and pushing her during an argument, the Bartow Police Department reported.

Patrick Christopher Panton, 19, of 1050 Golfview Ave., Apt. 1210, Bartow, was booked into the Polk County Jail on the charges, police reported.

The girl got a phone call from a friend asking her why her car was broken down as she saw it at the Auto Zone on U.S. 17. She said it was not and did not know her car was not at her house.

According to police, she went to the Auto Zone and found her 2001 Chrysler minivan and saw Panton in the van. She said he did not have permission to have the van or take the keys, police reported.

After Panton fled from her, she returned home and Panton was there. They started to argue and during that time, he allegedly pushed her to the ground. She said Panton then went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of lighter fluid and poured it on her, according to reports.

She said she started screaming for help and a person came to the bedroom, took the lighter fluid and told him to leave.

According to reports, the victim then got a knife and was holding in her left hand telling Panton to leave. Panton then grabbed the knife with his right hand and took it from her, causing Panton to cut his finger.

Panton then fled the area on foot while she called 911.

Upon finding Panton at 1050 S. Golfview Ave., he still had the knife and he was placed under arrest. Polk County EMS took Panton to Bartow Regional Medical Hospital to treat his injury, and then he was taken to the Bartow Police Department where he was booked.

Three times a trespass

A man who apparently would not leave the emergency room at Bartow Regional Medical Center on Aug. 6 was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest without violence, the Bartow Police Department reported.

Tyron Townsend, 51, of 1428 Fern Place, Lakeland, went to the emergency room at 11 p.m. and upon refusing treatment, staff asked him to leave. Townsend left but later returned, according to reports. Staff again asked him to leave, this time with Officer Anderson from the Bartow Police Department present. He again left but returned a third time, police reported.

This time when he was asked to leave by staff, he refused. The officer asked Townsend to stand up but he refused. When asked a second time, he stood and allegedly told the police to not tell him what to do. The officer grabbed Townsend’s right wrist to restrain him and Townsend got face to face and said to the officer to get his hands off him.

Townsend was put on the ground with a straight arm bar take down and was arrested, police reported.

Cupid accused of knocking down girlfriend

Cupid Jerome Radford III, 48, of 885 N. Ruby Ave., Bartow, was charged with battery and domestic violence Aug. 7, the Bartow Police Department reported.

At 2:51 p.m. police responded to Radford’s home where he and his girlfriend were having a verbal argument. According to reports, the girlfriend said she was going to leave the house and Radford got upset and pushed her in the chest. She fell onto the floor and as she tried to get back up, Radford took the keys to her car. He left the house and fled the area, police reported.

His girlfriend found another set of keys and found Radford in a park in the area of Ninth Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. She asked Radford for her keys and he told her that he delivered them to her mother’s home.

She went there on South Fourth Avenue where police then found her. She said she found her keys but wanted to charge Radford with battery. Officers did not notice any signs of injury, the report said.

Police found Radford in the park where he denied all allegations of batterying the victim, police report. He was placed under arrest and taken to the police department. He was shouting and becoming belligerent and then asked if he could make a statement, police say. As he was being told of his rights, Radford continually interrupted and refused to cooperate, according to police. As a result, no statement was obtained from the victim, police reported.

Retail Crime Unit makes arrest , obtains warrants

The Polk County Sheriff’s Organized Retail Crime Unit, during two separate investigations, made one arrest and obtained warrants for three other suspects who are engaging in organized retail theft, it reports.

According to the affidavit in July, the Lakeland Police Department arrested Michael Hamlin, 50, of Orlando and charged him with grand theft after Hamlin attempted to steal fiberglass rolls from the Lowe’s store in north Lakeland.

During the arrest, an ORC detective interviewed Hamlin, who admitted that he was working with accomplice Vincent Wilkinson, 51, also of Orlando.

According to Hamlin, Wilkinson would drive Hamlin to various Lowe’s stores so that Hamlin could steal fiberglass rolls for Wilkinson’s screen company “V Screening,” police say. Wilkinson would accompany Hamlin in the stores and act as a distractor and lookout. Hamlin told the detective he was paid approximately $200 by Wilkinson for every three rolls Hamlin stole.

Detectives working with Lowe’s security personnel identified several thefts committed by Hamlin and Wilkinson at Lowe’s stores in Clermont and Auburndale. The sheriff’s office filed additional charges of Organized Retail Crime against Hamlin, who was still in the Polk County Jail on the LPD charges, it reported.

Detectives also obtained an arrest warrant for Vincent Wilkinson, 51, of 5869 La Costa Drive in Orlando, for Organized Retail Crime.

In a separate investigation, ORC detectives identified two suspects who repeatedly stole electronics from multiple Target stores in Polk and Osceola counties. The suspects stole flat-screen televisions, GPS devices, and radar detectors from the Target store located in Davenport, valued at more than $1,200.

The suspects were seen driving a gold Toyota Corolla.

ORC detectives got arrest warrants for Organized Retail Crime for Paul V. Penitani-Fakailo, 31, of 5709 Ridgeway Drive in Orlando and Jonathan Deer, 37, of 6043 Windhover Drive in Orlando.

Lakeland man arrested for possession of child porn

On Wednesday, Aug. 20, Polk County Sheriff’s Office Computer Crimes detectives arrested Jay Howell Bloodworth, 28, of 2049 Woodbriar Loop S. Lakeland, charging him with two counts of possession of child pornography.

Bloodworth is an active member of the Church on the Rock and stated he is a volunteer with the youth group which has 30-40 juveniles younger than 18, according to the PCSO.

Church staff members located images on a shared computer and contacted Plant City Police, who began an investigation. A forensic examination of the church computer was begun and child porn images were found in a folder entitled “Jay,” according to a report.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office detectives were contacted on Aug. 19. A search warrant was obtained for Bloodworth’s residence where other computer devices were seized.

According to detectives, during a post Miranda interview with Bloodworth, he admitted to being in possession of child pornography and ownership of the files located during Plant City PD’s investigation.

Bloodworth stated that he has been viewing child pornography for approximately a year and a half, and has viewed it every day for the past two weeks, according to the PCSO.

During the investigation, Bloodworth said he uses the social media apps to start group chats with “people interested” in trading child pornography. Bloodworth allegedly stated he only looks for child pornography when he is “aroused” and views it for sexual gratification, according to reports, and said stated he gets gratification from child pornography involving children as young as 13, but has seen child pornography in these groups as young as toddlers.

Forensic examination of Bloodworth’s computer devices are being conducted and appropriate charges will follow should any further evidence be located, police reported.

The investigation is ongoing.

Undercover detectives arrest 2 men at Saddle Creek Park

On Wednesday, Aug. 20, Polk County Sheriff’s undercover detectives conducted investigations at Saddle Creek Park and Gator Creek Park in Lakeland, focusing on complaints of sexual activity occurring within the park. They arrested two suspects at Saddle Creek Park during the operation.

According to reports, Hazelton Crawn, 62, of 733 Shakespeare Drive, Lakeland opened his vehicle door and allegedly committed a lewd act in front of an undercover detective at Saddle Creek Park. He then solicited the detective to perform a lewd act on him (Crawn), according to reports. He was arrested and charged with one count soliciting another to commit lewdness, and one count committing lewdness. He told detectives he is unemployed. He was released from the Polk County Jail on $750 bond.

According to reports, Jose Javier Martinez, 54, of 5216 Deeson Road, Lakeland allegedly solicited an undercover detective to commit a lewd act on him (Martinez) at Saddle Creek Park. He told detectives he is a laborer with Keymark Corp., according to the PCSO. He was arrested and charged with one count soliciting another to commit lewdness, and was released from the Polk County Jail on $250 bond.

Alleged drug dealer arrested

A 23-year-old Bartow man was charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine as well as resisting arrest on Aug. 6, the Bartow Police Department reported.

Antoinio Deandrew Jefferson, 23, of 1015 Forrest Drive, Bartow, was booked into the Polk County Jail on possession, resisting arrest as well as utilizing a vehicle for trafficking narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia.

At 1:16 p.m., Jefferson was stopped at Maple Avenue and Bryant Street for a traffic violation. Officer Eric Sudhoff reported he smelled burning cannabis.

Jefferson and a passenger were asked to get out of their vehicle and Sudhoff began to search it.

As Sudhoff began his search, police say Jefferson was becoming irritated and approached Sudhoff aggressively. Sudhoff told him three times to stand back but he refused, the report said.

When Sudhoff tried to arrest, Jefferson pulled away. Sudhoff wrestled him to the ground.

Sudhoff then went back to his search and he found several baggies of pot. He found 44 baggies of powdered cocaine that weighed 18.2 grams, 72 cocaine rocks that weight 4.9 grams and 58 baggies of post that weighed 74.1 grams.

The items were field tested for those drugs, police reported.

Jefferson said he did not know the drugs were in the vehicle, police reported. However, after being read his rights, Jefferson admitted the drugs were his and he makes about $3,000 per week selling them, according to reports.

Man runs from cops

Leonard Lashon Glover, 18, of 1060 Golfview Ave., Apt. 5, Bartow, was charged Aug. 6 with resisting arrest without violence when he allegedly tried to run from an officer, the Bartow Police Department reported.

While on patrol in the area around Azalea Gardens on Golfview Avenue, police tried to talk to a person in front of apartment building #10 to trespass him from a high crime area. An officer had been shot there the night before, police reported.

The person, Glover, then began to run and the officer shouted for him to stop and identified himself as a police officer, the report said.

Glover continued going south towards Carver Place Village. He jumped a fence to Carver Village and police followed him, again identifying themselves as the police. Officers spotted him jump from a bush and again he was told they were police and this time threatened to tase him. That’s when Glover stopped and came out with his hands up.

Lovett accused of pushing girlfriend

Charles Elvin Lovett, 39, was charged with domestic battery for pushing his girlfriend during a verbal argument on Aug. 10, the Bartow Police Department reported.

Lovett and his girlfriend were arguing over her past sexual partners and during the argument he allegedly pushed her in the chest. His girlfriend called the police and advised she was not injured in the scuffle. She refused medical treatment, police reported.

During an interview with the victim, no injuries were detected, but Lovett was arrested.

Car damaged in the night

Kenya Davoun Brown, 33, of 1710 MLK Blvd., Bartow, was charged with criminal mischief on Aug. 12 when a woman at Azalea Gardens Apartments reported that he damaged her car during the night before.

Upon seeing the damage to her car, she went to the office watch the surveillance tape. She said she recognized who had damaged her car when she saw a man doing it at 4:12 a.m., police reported.

She contacted him on the phone and he admitted to her he damaged the vehicle because he was angry with her, according to reports.

Haines City woman loses life in city crash

Police believe a Haines City woman lost her life after an unknown medical episode preceded a single-car accident on South Charleston Avenue Sunday afternoon.

Heather LeAnn McIntyre, 48, was the victim.

According to reports from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, McIntyre was operating a 2013 white Ford Focus at approximately 4:10 pm, on Sunday, and was traveling southbound on U.S. 17 (Charleston Avenue South) passing 7th Street SW.

Law enforcers said that for unknown reasons, the Focus left the west side of the roadway in the area of 710 Charleston Ave. and continued parallel along Charleston Avenue about 15 feet west of the roadway, driving between the power poles and residences along the roadway.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said that after crossing 8th Street SW, the Focus struck the front porch of a residence and was redirected southwest across Charleston Avenue coming to final rest on the east shoulder of the roadway, south of 8th Street SE, after striking a wire fence.

According to reports, the Focus traveled a total distance of approximately 700 feet from the point it left the roadway until it struck the fence.

Witnesses who came to the aid of the female victim advised she was unresponsive and locked inside her vehicle. A vehicle window was broken to gain entry in order to render aid to the victim, police indicated.

Upon extracting her, CPR was immediately started. A Polk County Sheriff’s Office Fort Meade unit also arrived and requested fire and medic units. Fort Meade Fire and Polk County Medics responded and transported McIntyre to Bartow Regional Medical Center where she was subsequently pronounced deceased. “Based on the driving pattern, minimal vehicle damage, and no observable injuries, it is believed the victim suffered some type of medical event while driving,” according to PCSO spokesperson Donna Wood.

Speed, impairment, and distraction do not appear to be factors, the sheriff’s office reports, and that the airbags in the Focus did not deploy. It is unknown if the victim was wearing her seat belt at the time of the crash.

Charleston Avenue remained open during the investigation but was reduced to one lane southbound for approximately three hours, she added.

The investigation is ongoing.

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