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Updated: 12/06/2017 08:30:02AM

End of the year cleaning for your PC

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Court Nederveld

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The year is winding down. This is an excellent time to sit down with your binary buddy and see if anything is bothering it. Maybe a bit of cleaning just so next year starts on the right foot. The following tips might give your PC a running start into next year.

• Cleaning: Dust, animal shedding, cobwebs, all somehow are drawn to your calculating companions. Your best tool here is a can of compressed air. Laptops: look for the vents and spray them to see lots of dust expunged. Desktops: spray the vents and fans. If you are brave, remove the side of the tower to allow access to clean out the CPU fan and other internal fans. Don’t forget to blow out the power supply as well. Best done with the computer off and unplugged. Note: if exceptionally dusty inside, do this outside the house or there will be additional cleaning of desk and floor.

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