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Updated: 01/11/2018 08:30:01AM

Hibachi Buffet:

A trip to

the Orient

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For over five years, the Hibachi Buffet has been at 2870 US Hwy 27 N., Sebring, in the Sebring Plaza.


Leyanis Hernandez is a hostess at Hibachi Buffet. She'll find the perfect table or booth for you.


Meet the manager of the Hibachi Buffet. He goes by his last name "Zhang."


The décor inside Hibachi Buffet sets the mood for delicious Chinese and Japanese dining.


The food at Hibachi Buffet is always kept steaming hot, and looks great too.


Explore all the varieties of foods at the buffet stations before you make your selections.


Tevin Bullard (left) and Anjuli Burwell struck up a friendship on-line. They both are attending nursing school. Lunch at Hibachi Buffet was a great way to talk about their futures.


Married 35 years, Doris and Charlie Williams of Sebring, love to have a late lunch at Hibachi Buffet at least every two weeks.


Save a spot on your dessert plate for one of these egg custard tarts.


You have the choice of the buffet, the menu, the specials or individual Hibachi-prepared foods.


Desserts like these French Napoleon pastries are waiting for you at the Hibachi Buffet.


Going to the Hibachi Buffet is like a 'kid in a candy store'. You get to make your own sundaes!


No matter what your favorite meal is, Hibachi Buffet has something for you.


Teriyaki chicken is delicious at the Hibachi Buffet.


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For over five years now, Highlands County residents, snow birds, and tourists have been enjoying the enormous, pleasing and mouthwatering buffet at the Hibachi Buffet in Sebring. There’s something special going on there seven days a week. And, there’s something for every taste bud. That’s why the parking lot is always full.

Hibachi Buffet primarily serves Chinese Food, but the colorful buffet stations are filled with over a hundred varieties of hot and cold items. You can browse around for a while, exploring all the choices, before you begin to fill your plate.

If buffets aren’t for you, don’t worry! Manager Zhang or one of the hostesses will seat you and supply you with an easy to read menu to order from. Besides the appetizers and soups, that menu includes Chinese traditional meals and much more. Favorites like chow Mein, lo Mein, roast pork with broccoli and rice, sweet and sour chicken, pepper steak with onions, coconut shrimp and egg foo young are some of the 82 choices.

On the printed menu, you can also go for the combination platters like Moo Goo Gai Pan served with an egg roll or fried rice; or, maybe take the General Tso’s chicken. If you’re hooked on veggies, Hibachi knows how to steam them just right for you. Six entrees highlight the ‘Chef’s Special’ section. How about a number S2, Happy Family? It’s described as crab meat, pork, chicken, beef, shrimp and sautéed broccoli with vegetables in a tasty brown sauce. You can ask for it ‘hot and spicy’ if you like!

But mostly, people dining at Hibachi are fascinated by the wonderful foods on display at all the buffet stations. Each station is two sided; and, there’s plenty of space for you to walk around without bumping into anyone. If you want to start off with a salad, you’re in luck. If you want only American food, like roast beef, you’re in luck again. But, if you came for Chinese cuisine, or Japanese sushi, or want the Hibachi cook to make something special for you, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

You probably know right where the Hibachi Buffet is located. But if you’re new to the area, or haven’t ventured there yet, the restaurant is on the south end of the Sebring Plaza, at 2870 US Highway 27 North, in Sebring. The phone number is 863-658-0977. They open at 11 a.m.

The prices are based off of either the time of the day, or the day of the week, or if you’re over 65. The lunch buffet is from 11 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. Lunch time specials off-the-menu include 15 selections of traditional Chinese meals at a very reasonable price. Dinner buffet is from 4 p.m. until 9:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

Friday and Saturday, they stay open until 10 p.m. And on those nights, the buffet is loaded with seafoods; so naturally, the price is higher for all those delicacies. On Sundays, Hibachi offers an all-day-buffet from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. Children under 2 eat free any time. Government police, and military discounts are a courtesy too.

One nice feature offered at the Hibachi Buffet is called Buffet-Take-Out. You have the opportunity to create a meal yourself from all the food stations. The price is determined by weight. When you arrive home, you’ll be able to present your family with steaming hot food that you didn’t have to cook.

While Hibachi Buffet is a corporate-owned restaurant, you will feel right at home with the service and friendliness of the staff. Manager Zhang (that’s his last name.) has been there for over four years. He came from the southern part of China and knows how to prepare Chinese food. Sometimes, he’s in the back doing some of the cooking. He says he does everything — to be sure customers will have a pleasant dining experience. His wife is one of the kindly waitresses, too.

Anjuli Burwell graduated from Keiser University in Sarasota and is pursing a career as a registered nurse. She and Tevin Bullard of Sebring struck up a friendship online recently because Bullard is also in nursing school in Jacksonville. Plus, they are both avid Star Wars fans. Bullard, who has eaten at the Hibachi Buffet many times, invited Burwell to join him there.

Burwell chose the bourbon chicken, rice noodles and crab Rangoon. Bullard wanted the pepper chicken with yellow rice, along with California roll sushi. They said they were enjoying the day and had a lot of laughs together.

Another happy couple was Charlie and Doris Williams. They’ve been married 35 years. Charlie is a retired firefighter from Pompano Beach and Doris is a property manager. Their hobby has always been sail boating. They live in Lake Haven Estates in Sebring and come to eat at Hibachi Buffet every two weeks or more.

Mrs. Williams loves the green beans from the buffet. She says, “They’re good and hot, and not dried out. Plus, I love the vegetables!”

Mr. Williams likes the variety of food items and the good service — and how clean everything is. He enjoys the fresh fruits and melons. They like to come in for a late lunch when it’s not as crowded.

In 2017, the Hibachi Buffet was chosen as the finalist for the Best Restaurant Sushi in Highlands County during the voting for the Highlands New-Sun Readers’ Choice Awards.

Church groups, mobile home associations, large families and business people can call ahead to speak with Manager Zhang to reserved one of the private dining areas. The Hibachi Buffet can even cater your next party or event.

Remember, save room for dessert!