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Updated: 02/08/2018 08:30:02AM

Lake Placid Ballroom Dancers ‘Hustle’ through the night

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Susie Lee and Larry Lee enjoy leading the Lake Placid Ballroom Dancers and organizing the monthly meetings.


Partners take to the floor to dance after their dance lesson.


Participants lined up to be judged based on their hippie costumes.


Debbie Matthews, left, and Paulette Valier won the awards for best hippie costumes.


Buddy Canova, a popular local musician, sang hit songs from the 1960s and 1970s.

The Lake Placid Ballroom Dancers will hold a dance on Saturday, March 10.


From left; Deb Milstein, Gina Guirola and Susie Lee. Milstein and Lee presented Guirola with a bouquet of flowers to celebrate her birthday. Guirola is the dance instructor for the Lake Placid Ballroom Dancers.


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During the Lake Placid Ballroom Dancers’ hippie-themed event celebrating the Woodstock era, participants learned a dance from the 1970s, the Hustle. This dance was made famous by actor John Travolta in the movie “Saturday Night Fever” and is enjoying a popular resurgence today. The Hustle was taught by Gina Guirola, the dance instructor for the class. Members practiced the new dance moves for an hour before devouring hamburgers, cheeseburgers and French fries from the Elk Lodge’s kitchen.

Besides celebrating the 1970s, the Lake Placid Ballroom Dancers also celebrated Guirola’s birthday. Members showed their appreciation for their dance instructor with a bouquet of flowers. Guirola teaches one new dance at each class, and the dance often matches the theme of the meeting. The dance lesson is free, but members pay a $5 fee each meeting to cover the cost of the building and running the organization. For nonmembers who wish to visit and learn more about dancing, the admission fee is $7.

Buddy Canova played hit songs from the 1960s and 1970s such as “Hang on, Sloopy” and “Roses are Red.” Members danced to the songs in their tie-dyed shirts, flowered dresses, and clothing decorated with peace symbols. Everyone who had chosen to wear hippie-styled clothing lined up across the floor for judging. Debbie Matthews and Paulette Valier won the awards for the best hippie costumes of the evening.

The Lake Placid Ballroom Dancers hold their meetings once a month on Saturdays at the Lake Placid Elks Lodge. Dance lessons are taught by Gina Guirola and are from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. A meal is served at every meeting, which usually consists of hamburgers or chicken sandwiches.

Door prizes and 50-50 drawings are held at intermission, and the dancing and fun doesn’t end until 9 p.m.

For more information about the Lake Placid Ballroom Dancers, contact Susie Lee at 699-0886.