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Updated: 05/10/2018 08:30:02AM

Unique gifts for Mom

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Trying to find a perfect Mother’s Day gift can be hard. What do you get the woman who gave birth to you, sat up with you while you were sick, changed your diapers, and even loved you through the teenage years? Unless your name is Rockefeller, you probably cannot afford a gift that will make up for mom’s stretch marks.

When gift giving for mom, think outside the box. Here are a few ideas to point you in the right direction. These ideas run from inexpensive to a few more dollars and should fit a budget somewhere in between.

Make mom a scrapbook with pictures of her children and favorite memories. Local arts and crafts supply stores will be a big help with this gift. Hint: Mothers love all of their children, so include your siblings and even her favorite four-legged kids.

Make a CD of her favorite music and download a favorite family picture to be the “album” cover. Remember, this is her favorite music, not yours.

Send mom to an art class. Contact the Highlands Art League for a list of classes such as “Art Uncorked.” If possible attend the class with her for some quality time. Send her best girlfriend along if you cannot go and can afford it.

Make mom a family tree. This inexpensive gift is one she is sure to treasure. Websites that specialize in genealogy usually offer a free trial period, which should suffice. The local libraries offer genealogy help as well. Use pictures of the members whenever possible.

Hire a professional photographer or enlist a friend to take a multi-generational family picture. Add a beautiful frame and you have a winner.

Complete a project. There are always projects at home to be completed and not enough time or skill to get them done. Help mom by painting a room or fixing her leaky faucet. Ask her grandkids to help pull weeds while you trim trees.

Take a look at mom’s car. Does it need brakes? When was the oil changed last? Does the mileage warrant a tune up? This is a great gift for those who are mechanically inclined. Do the work yourself or take it to the mechanic for her.

Speaking of cars, get mom’s ride detailed. That would be something not all moms would purchase for themselves. If mom still works, send a mobile car washing company to her place of employment. Check the local companies and comparison shop.

Some mothers are adventure seekers. Send mom up in a hot air balloon. Be sure she is not afraid of heights first. How about a tandem skydive? Nothing says, “I love you,” like tossing mom out of a plane at 15,000 feet. Just be sure that mom’s life insurance is paid up and that she hasn’t written you out of the will. Because when she lands, she just might.

Some moms like power tools. If you are not sure which ones to get, buy a gift card to a home improvement store. If she is not into tools, she can buy plants for you to use to enhance her garden areas.

There are many great gifts out there for mom and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get most of them.

Remember, moms love homemade treasures.