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Updated: 12/26/2013 08:00:01AM

Christian Hip Hop concert

featured ‘Realm of Poets’

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Most of the audience responded to an altar call near the close of the concert series. Pictured are youngsters huddled around mentor Sammy Telesco.


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Reaching Out Ministries and Working Faith Ministries partnered to bring the youth of Lake Placid a Christian Hip Hop concert Saturday, Dec. 14. The show was called “Realm of the Poets.”

“For Century’s God has used poets for the expression of praise and worship, and Confession to God. God has gifted the Christian rappers and poets through songs, music, and prayers to express their heart and their soul,” said Evangelist Kevin Ayala, founder of ROM. “In them, we find the whole range of human experiences expressed. They pour out of themselves true feelings, reflecting a dynamic, powerful, and life changing message to touch a young generation to take their city for the Kingdom of God.”

The Realm of the Poets featured the Taking the City Family artists, which consists of several talented Christian rappers from Ft. Myers. Among the artists performing were G-Reign, Divine Appointment, G- Kong, Juryla, and B.I.C. and others.

Special guest rappers were Lake Placid’s own Robbie “Soul” Waters and Foster “Scoota” Walker, who form the group John 15:19. Waters is a mentor at STR8 UP Youth Ministry and has taken young “Scoota” under his wing to mentor and develop his songwriting and rapping talents. All songs had clean, uplifting lyrics that gave God glory and made the youngsters dance.

Also performing were several dance teams. The styles of dance differed from each group; interpretive, hip hop, and modern. The dancers included Unique Blessings, T.H.U.G., Breaking Tradition, Revolutionaries of Christ, and the STR8 UP dance team.

“My Christian Brothers and I are taking the city,” exclaimed youth Pete Ruano.

Taking the City Movement was formed by artists who shared a vision to bridge the gap between contemporary Christian music and secular rap. “There was a lot for Christian rock but not a lot for Hip Hop,” G-Reign said. “The Lord gave us the vision for Taking the City.”

“It is more than entertainment for these artists; they all had the same passion and desire to impact this young generation. Our goal is to bring the Taking the City Movement to every city to see the impact, not only to the kids but also to the parents,” continued G-Reign.

After the music and dancing, the atmosphere changed as a message was given by G-Reign. He spoke to the teens about salvation and serving in the church. G-Reign told them despite their age, God had a plan for them. An alter call was given and every young person in the building went forward. All of the performers and many of the adults in the audience came alongside them to pray with and for the youth.