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Updated: 07/11/2014 09:22:52AM

The plight of the honeybee

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A common honeybee depositing honey.


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Honey is one of my favorite foods. Even Winnie the Pooh couldn’t love it as much as I. Why else would I expose myself to stinging bees for the hope of a taste of honey? My inherited sweet tooth and my suspicion that processed sugars are silent killers have driven me to consider becoming a beekeeper.

Although I have yet to keep a single bee, I have been heading out with a local beekeeper to collect bees and remove them from local properties. To my surprise I have discovered that bees are, for the most part, docile and less interested in attacking than I could have imagined. My goal of obtaining these honey-bearing geniuses is beginning to seem more feasible. Beekeepers seem to understand this about bees and if their secret gets out, everyone may put a beehive in their yard and beekeepers might be out of business. As of now, I am happy to learn all I can in preparation for the day that I own my first colony.

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