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Updated: 07/16/2014 10:24:00AM

Bird & Other Wild Things

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Courtesy photo / Archbold Biological Station

Cattle Egret -- (Bulbulcus ibis)

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Welcome to the roost! It’s always a pleasure to report success stories and it is certain that most folks enjoy reading about them –– almost as much as this writer enjoys reporting the facts. Our subject today is the success story: the Cattle Egret (Bulbulcus ibis). Other names given to this egret include Buff-backed Heron and Cowbird.

The “Cowbird” name is quite appropriate because this egret is seen many times following closely along with cattle, as the larger animals stirs up insects as it walks. The egret can also be seen around farm equipment that is turning over soil, cutting grasses or other farming chores. Seeing the egret sitting on the backs of cattle, horses and even deer is no surprise.

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