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Updated: 08/13/2014 08:14:01AM

Cameras helping nab thrift store thieves

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LAKE PLACID — Cameras in downtown Lake Placid have helped nab suspects in thefts from the donation dock at Nu-Hope Wednesday.

“Cameras were instrumental for the Nu-Hope situation,” Police Chief James Fansler said. “Every time they have called for theft, we’ve been able to make arrests.”

Fansler said Wednesday’s arrest of Rosario Ramero, 53, of Lake Placid is the fourth arrest for burglaries and thefts from Nu-Hope in Lake Placid since March when surveillance cameras were installed downtown.

He said that after researching archived footage from the cameras, Lake Placid Detective Stuart Troutman found at least one other occasion when Ramero was involved in a theft from Nu-Hope.

In this latest case, cameras recorded Ramero arriving after the business closed, removing several bags from the donation drop-off area and putting them in a van, according to police reports.

The cameras recorded her trying to remove a larger item, but when she couldn’t lift it, she left, reports said.

Police claim that when they contacted Ramero, they got her to admit to the theft. Subsequent charges are pending against Ramero, based on Troutman’s research.

“I strongly believe in what Nu-Hope stands for,” Fansler said in a released statement. “I hate to see people steal from an organization that relies on donations to assist the elderly; those who need the most help. We have made it very clear: Steal from Nu-Hope; go to jail.”