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Updated: 10/31/2013 08:00:03AM

Life in Florida

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Halloween is tomorrow (Thursday) and that makes my thoughts turn to past Halloweens. When I was a child my mother was the Brownie Troop leader for my group. The local town hosted a Halloween parade and my mother entered our troop. We spent a couple of meetings gluing white cotton balls on a black tail made from material. We stuffed our tails with a coat hanger and crumpled newspaper. Do you know how messy 7- and 8-year-olds are with glue and cotton balls?

Once our tails were completed, we made black pointy ears. We were instructed to wear all black and to tie our tails on with rope. We painted our faces with whiskers and bobby-pinned our pointy ears in our hair. And, voila, you have 12 little skunks.

We were going to march down the middle of a street, the same street we were not allowed to cross without an adult. We were so excited. My friend and I held the banner with our troop name and led the group down the street. Everyone laughed and some yelled “pee-ewe,” as a nod to our skunk costumes. It was great. We won third place for the parade.

We had many more parades with Girl Scouts, my uncle’s tire shop, and school — but nothing like that first one.

On Halloween we children would go to houses we knew and ask that they guess who we were. It was great fun to dress up in homemade costumes and get candy.

Two years ago I decided to dress for Halloween. My neighbor boy was 9 and knew everything. I talked to him outside one day and he told me he was all grown up and Halloween did not scare him. I talked to his dad and got the okay to scare the boy.

I had a 55-gallon garbage can and the squirrels had destroyed the lid. I purchased a green scary mask and gloves. The lid was tied to my head and I hunkered down in the garbage can. My husband would treat the little kids and give me a key word when it was safe to scare the big kids.

My neighbor brought his son and a few of the boy’s buddies over for candy. My husband gave me the word and I popped out of the garbage can and said “good evening.” These seven boys screamed and ran. The dad and I got the biggest laugh out of the boys. Many teenagers and adults ran down my driveway that night.