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Updated: 02/20/2014 08:00:03AM
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Doctors warn everyone from parents of small children to retired people of the dangers of too much television. The TV itself is not dangerous and should be enjoyed in moderation. Some of your friends or family members might turn on the TV when they wake up and fall asleep at night with the set still on.

Some even suggest watching too much TV is like sleeping through life. But some of the issues lie with inactivity and mindless eating. This can lead to out-of-shape Americans with a variety of health issues.

Our minds need stimulation to keep us sharp and alert. Try a hobby you enjoy or volunteer or join a club or organization.

I joined Weight Watchers and run/walk 5Ks to make me healthier. These two activities are not enough to fill my time even though I work full time. My husband and I raise over 100 orchids. We also plant a butterfly garden every year. I raise over 30 rose bushes and various other flowers the butteries do not bother. Santa brought me a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for Christmas and I have a cat named Sabrina. If this is not enough, I have taken painting classes at the Highlands County Art League occasionally.

You may need several hobbies or activities to increase your activity level both in body and mind. Activities like reading, quilting, and playing cards will stimulate you mind but we need to add physical hobbies too.

What interests do you have? Join the Elks, Moose, American Legion, Woman’s Club, Garden Club, one of the Rotary Clubs, the Orchid Society, Car Club, golf club, or a ballroom dancer organization; play bingo. Become a clown at Toby’s Clown School and clown around at hospitals or events. Volunteer at Highlands Little Theater if your interest lies in acting. Sing with the Sweet Adelines. Join Weight Watcher with me or TOPS to get back to a healthy weight. Join a gym or the YMCA for classes, companionship and a healthy lifestyle. How about wood carving or the art league? Volunteer at one of the area’s Chambers of Commerce.

One of the fastest growing groups among seniors are the pickleball players. If you haven’t read the articles in our paper you are missing the latest craze. Volunteering at the Humane Society will give you a chance to make many furry friends.

If group activities are not for you, try fishing one of the 95 plus lakes, hiking numerous trails, take up nature photography, ride a bicycle, swimming, or walking. Take a class at South Florida State College. Volunteer with your child’s school. Children like to have their parents support their interests.

The spring is a great time for outside activities. The temperatures are good and the rain is limited. Enjoy the outdoors. This is why we live here and not in the snow belt of the north.