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Updated: 03/06/2014 08:00:05AM
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Thinking about restaurants that offer something to talk about reminded me of a few.

Many years ago we visited a restaurant with silver dollars glued to the floor. Many customers attempted to pick them up unsuccessfully. It was fun to watch.

In the hills of Pennsylvania we found a golf course on the top of a mountain. One of the notable features was the restaurant/bar. Three of the four walls were made of glass. The floor-to-ceiling windows were approximately 20 feet high overlooking the large valley below. As you sat down and started enjoying the view something odd happened. The floor rotated very slowly. The view changed as you enjoyed your meal. The rotation was not noticeable as you walked in and sat down, but by the end of a meal diners would see the entire mountain top.

Indiana, Pa., offered a restaurant located in old passenger train cars. Inside, a model train was suspended from the ceiling, running on steel tracks from room to room. The tiny locomotive sounded its horn while traversing its route, from car to car, blowing smoke from its stack the entire time. The train ran every 20 minutes, giving diners the feel of the old-time trains.

In downtown Pittsburgh we met friends for dinner at a restaurant new to all of us. As the evening progressed I made my way to the ladies room. The restroom walls were stone with large Greek columns and a 12-foot portrait of a Greek gladiator with a large grape leaf hanging between his legs. I finished and left the restroom thinking how odd this was. Within a short period of time a bell rang in the restaurant as a woman came out of the ladies room. The staff stopped what they were doing and started to applaud this woman. When we asked what had happened, the server replied, “that woman lifted the grape leaf from the Greek gladiator.” Each time the grape leaf was lifted the bell rang in the restaurant, alerting the staff a woman had peeked under the grape leaf. The men at our table could not wait to see what was in the men’s room only to be disappointed to find nothing out of the ordinary. On the way out of the restaurant the men in our party complained to staff about the lack of a female version of the Greek gladiator for the men’s room. The staff said the men’s room did offer a female with grape leaves but the staff could not keep up with taking care of the customers and applauding for every man who went to the bathroom.

A restaurant in south Florida was located on a large lake. When sitting down on the deck I spotted a sign saying, “alligators present after 4 p.m.” How does an alligator know it is 4 p.m? Do they have little alligator watches? How does daylight saving time effect their schedule? Speaking of daylight savings time, this weekend is the time to spring your clocks ahead. Just a reminder or you will be late.