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Updated: 10/04/2013 06:23:44PM

HCSO announces radio frequency shift

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All first responder radios in Highlands County will switch today (Wednesday) from a UHF analog system to the new P-25 Digital 800 megahertz trunk system. The Federal Communications Commission has reserved 700 to 800 MHz bands for public safety to ensure critical communications can be carried on uninterrupted.

The new system will allow for complete radio communication with both Polk and Hardee counties, as well as between agencies within Highlands County. In addition, the new system will eliminate “dead spots” in the county which have been a problem for deputies and first responders alike. “As personnel travel around the county there will be seamless roaming for the signals from tower to tower, creating a larger range of communication and clearer levels of reception,” Sheriff Susan Benton said in a press release.

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