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Updated: 10/18/2013 02:59:59PM

Police sometimes clear cases without arrests

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When it comes to the police blotter, the community usually reads about officers arresting someone for this or for that. But what about all the cases officers clear without an arrest?

Whether it be by an arrest or not, clearing cases is a very important part of law enforcement. Folks want to know how their community police agencies function; they want to know what officers do when they are not writing tickets and taking people to jail. Sometimes officers work diligently, seeking suspects, following up on leads, only to be told the victim no longer wishes to prosecute the offender.

Lake Placid Police Officer Mostyn Mullins recently received information about a car parked near a vacant house. Believing the possibility a crime was occurring, Officer Mullins went to the location to investigate. Upon arrival, he saw a car quickly leaving the area. Through the investigative process, Officer Mullins determined the subjects had stolen an air-conditioning unit from the residence.

Acting quickly, Officer Mullins located the vehicle that had left just as he was arriving to the vacant house. Believing the occupants to be a suspect in stealing the air conditioner, Officer Mullins made contact and began gathering information.

In the meantime, Officer Mullins had contacted Officer Heather Mulligan for crime scene processing assistance. Evidence was located, photographed, and gathered at the vacant house.

With the evidence gathered at the scene, Officer’s Mullins and Mulligan again located the suspects. The officers soon received confessions from the subjects and recovered the stolen air conditioner which had been hidden in a wooded area. Arrests for the theft, trespassing, and possibly burglary were pending. However, the listed property owner decided not to press charges against the three suspects.

Remember, just because officers are not seen making arrests, writing tickets, certainly does not mean they are not working hard to keep you and your property safe.