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Updated: 05/08/2014 08:00:05AM

Stacy closing in on bowling title

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Adrianna Stacy, at left, and Katryanna Barina bowled in the Florida Pepsi Youth Championships last month. Currently Stacy is in first place for the 15- and-under age group as she vies for her second championship at the Pepsi Tournament. Barina, currently in 23rd place for the 20-and- under age group, bowled not only for first 200 game at the tournament, she bowled three in a row for her first 600 plus three- game series.

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By JIM TAYLOR Journal Correspondent

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At the tender age of 15, Adrianna Stacy has been nothing short of phenomenal on the bowling alleys for the past two years and on the verge of winning her second straight Pepsi Florida Youth Championship in the 15-and-under age group. She would be the first person to ever accomplish that feat.

Adrianna bowled her six games last weekend at the Pepsi Youth Championships in which she totaled 1,352 pins. Her scores for the six games were the following in order: 257, 267, 180, 244, 173 and 244.

She accounted the low scores in the third and fifth games due to transitions and changing pairs lanes.

“I got on two pairs that had a lot of push down the lane,” Adrianna said, “I could not find a ball that would turn on the back end.”

Adrianna is no stranger to competing in huge tournaments, as noted earlier winning the Pepsi Florida Youth Championship last year, she also competed in the National Championships in Detroit last year. Though she placed 35th overall, she stated that the experience was invaluable.

“In Detroit,” added Adrianna, “it was a whole different atmosphere and I was totally out of my comfort zone. I was not really comfortable because I did not know anybody that was in my squad.”

“We were on different lanes every day,” Adrianna added. “It was humid and hot with no air conditioning in the bowling centers which made the lanes really tacky. It was not a fun experience plus my mental game was out of whack.”

In a wisdom that surpasses her young age, she concluded that you grow from it and that she has grown a lot since last year.

“I think this is going to be a good year,” Adrianna said. “I have improved physically over the last few year, but the majority of it is mental. When you are in a competition event, mental is where it is at, physically memory you are pretty much fine, the mental aspect is what you really need to work on, it is about 80 percent of your game.”

No matter what happens this past weekend, if somebody does happen to knock Adrianna out of the top spot, she has already earned her ticket to bowl in the nationals again this summer in Buffalo, N.Y.

Other notables in the Florida Pepsi Youth Championships include 17-year-old Katryanna Barina who not only bowled her first 200-plus game, she nearly put a string of four in a row with scores of 214, 203, 224 and 199. It also the first time she bowled a 600 three-game series.

In the end, she totaled 1,135 pins after six games and is currently in 23rd place out of 94 bowlers.

Katryanna has only been bowling for four years and has improved her average 70 points a game to 161 during that time frame.

In the 20-and-under age group, Thomas Watson currently sits in fourth with a score of 1,383 and Tyler Shingle is in seventh with 1368.

In the girls 15-and-under, Jessica Chaney is currently 21st out of 104 bowlers with a score of 1038.

Kyra Smith and Kimberly Forthofer are currently third and fourth respectively in the girls 12-and-under age group with scores of 684 and 667 respectively while Cameron Shingle sits in third place with 750 pins in the boys 12-and-under group.

Final results will be posted later this week and reported next week for those who competed in the Florida Pepsi Youth Championship from Heartland Bowl.