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Updated: 08/21/2014 09:10:02AM

Regime change where?

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We have seen President Obama and his State Department push for changes of leadership in many countries – Iraq (twice), Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, North Korea, Ukraine, Egypt – just to name a few.

The majority of these regime changes were accomplished, but left in their wake countries in much turmoil and even experiencing further uprisings. We saw the further rise of the radical Muslims, ISIS, and the eradication (killing) of the Christians who remained. Why were these regime changes pushed so hard by Obama? It was because they had Ineffective leadership (in other words, they didn’t do what America wanted), they were brutal and disregarded their political opposition, and whatever other supposedly good reasons Obama and the State Department could dream up. So, I ask you, is the world better off today without these past leaders or have these nations just replaced one tyrant with another, often more brutal than the former?

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