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Updated: 12/21/2017 12:15:49PM

Why can’t we drive 55?

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RTD Staff: Jeff Shapiro. Photo was taken Wednesday, August 4, 2010.


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My column on those pesky courtesy green traffic lights signaled a lot of discussion. Quite a few folks agreed Highway 27 is a miserable driving experience this time of year. Between the influx of snowbirds and folks visiting for the holidays, many are unfamiliar with where things are located. As our roads get busier and the driving hairier, I have a proposal. May I suggest for the next two weeks every one of us commit to drive only the speed limit or gasp — five miles below it — and see what happens to your aggravation level.

I already hear the complaints and gnashing of teeth about how others should drive faster. Interestingly, the speed limit used to actually mean just what it’s called. It was how fast one was allowed to drive. I know for many of you this no longer applies because as I’m slamming to a stop behind the person ahead of me who has suddenly decided to stop for a green light, you are almost rear-ending me before you peel into the adjacent lane. I watch your crazy hop-scotch of speed through the cars and shake my head at your dangerous efforts to escape the misery of US 27.

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