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Updated: 01/02/2018 08:18:03AM

Christmas 2017 ... how was it, really?

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Well, Christmas 2017 has now passed and I can’t help but wonder if the buildup equaled the event? It’s as if as soon as Halloween is over, Christmas begins in the stores — brick and mortar and online, and Christmas songs start to be included in the playlists. We are compelled from every angle to buy this and buy that. At the same time, we are drawn to “remember the reason for the season” and to keep in mind the things that are really important. What a conundrum. How do you navigate the muddy waters of keeping up with “the Joneses” and remaining true to the simplicity of the Christmas message?

As much as I wish I had an answer to that question, I really don’t. I’m not sure there is an answer, the same answer, for everyone. Each person must find their own happy medium. Some people have no problem buying too much and some have no problem keeping it simple and focused. I think it’s fair to say that for most of us it’s a struggle, it’s where the tension is in our holidays.

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