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Updated: 02/07/2017 06:07:00PM

At least it’s over ... right?

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“Resident Evil The Final Chapter” is rated R for sequences of violence throughout, and has a running time of 106 minutes.


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This has been a frustrating year at the movies. For the past month I have reviewed some less-than-stellar films. Nothing from January has received more than a score of 3 out of 5 stars. It’s been said that January and February is the dumping ground for the studio’s weak efforts. This trend was bucked last year with the incredible Deadpool, so I had hopes for at a couple of these titles. So here we are again; talking about a movie that I wanted to like and wanted to praise, but I find myself unable to do so with a straight face.

I prepared for this movie, which is the sixth installment in the series, by watching the previous five movies again. Lets just say that I came out of that fifth movie confused and looking for answers and not sure that I got them. First, technical issues pulled me out before I could even get into the plot. The whole movie was dark, really dark. At times it was so dark in the scene that I couldn’t see what was going on. This was made even worse by the cutting of the fight scenes. Every single fight scene jumped from cut to cut every one to two seconds. It was so jarring that it hurt my head and I couldn’t make out what was happening. By the midway point I was dreading another fight scene because it took me out of the movie. But this is an action movie after all, so there were plenty of fight scenes to be had.

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