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Updated: 12/01/2017 08:30:03AM

SFSC gun incident: Mother of victim speaks out

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AVON PARK — On Tuesday afternoon, Kevin S. McHargue walked onto the campus of South Florida State College, ostensibly to visit his girlfriend, 18-year old GED student Essence Marc, and got into an argument with a student. He then took a gun from his girlfriend’s purse and tucked it into his waistband after threatening the other student with it.

Due to safety concerns, the victim’s name is being withheld. Kutanya McKeithan is the mother of the young man who was threatened. Her son told her that he and several other friends and students were hanging out at the Panther Central bookstore and lounge, when McHargue began talking to them about gangs. Her son replied that they were not into gangs and an argument ensued. According to McKeithan, that was when the suspect took a gun from Marc’s purse and threatened him with it. McHargue and Marc left and were detained later.

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