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Updated: 11/20/2013 09:08:01AM
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This is not NIMBY. A caller to Let Em Have it objected to a group of 30 neighbors who are fighting to preserve the natural look and health of our Venice Beach. The caller said we were NIMBYs — not in our backyard. It is true we don’t like the current plan by the city of Venice to capture the filthy runoff from our streets and yards and pour this polluted brew on top of the Venice Beach sand in a two-block-long ditch up to 40 feet wide and several feet deep. We agree with the caller that something needs to be done to stop the beach closures but the current plan is solving the problem on the cheap. There are ways to solve the problem for about the same amount of money that are better both environmentally and aesthetically than the city’s initial proposal. We want the city to put a hold on the project until these alternatives can be fully evaluated. Wanting to solve the beach closures, while preserving the look and health of the our most important asset — the beach, is a far cry from NIMBY. For more information, go to

Gone to pot. Morgan & Morgan promote marijuana, which I believe to be a cancer in society. Now they’re supporting a traitor, a trick to see which way the wind is blowing, just a cheap job hunter: Charlie Crist. Any law firm but Morgan & Morgan. No, thank you.

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