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Updated: 05/26/2017 04:03:05PM
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Tim Smolarick

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South Venice is not substandard . South Venice is considered a substandard area because we don’t have central water and sewers? I live in South Venice because we DO NOT have central water and sewer. #1. If the grid goes down, which they talked about nationally that there is a possibility; if we have an EMP attack, or if we have a solar flare that knocks out the grid, I’ve got a hand pump that I can put on my well and I’ll have water and I can put it down my toilet. And then there are those who have to depend on the electricity to pump out the sewage because of the high water table in Venice and in surrounding areas. So you might want to reconsider. We don’t have a substandard area and we don’t have a sewage bill because we don’t have pipes connecting from house to house. We are the highest rated area around.

Why support Obamacare? All of the letters supporting Obamacare — why? How? Obamacare forces Americans with any amount of money to provide healthcare for anyone without money. The only way Obamacare will work is if many people sign up for policies that they do not need or want with inflated rates to provide money for the uninsured. In the process, the Obamacare will destroy the current healthcare insurance industry. Not the best, but it works. Obamacare will generate millions of new patients with no provision to train new doctors and drops compensation to doctors that will drive them out of medicine. Most primary care doctors are not driving Mercedes and living in beachfront homes. Most are still trying to pay off school debt, opening an office and hiring a massive staff for all the paperwork required by Obamacare. How many Americans are working part time so their employees can avoid Obamacare? How many have lost their jobs? How many have lost their healthcare policy because of Obamacare? Did someone say you can keep your policy if you like it? I don’t know how many Americans can support Obamacare. Obamacare will not help anybody and will destroy the insurance industry and the healthcare industry. Then what do you have?

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