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Updated: 12/07/2013 08:00:04AM
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No to bikes in roads. On Sunday, Nov. 10, at about 7:30 a.m., I witnessed an amazing event in Venice. The amazing part was that no one was killed. I believe it was a bicycle race and some of them were riding down the middle of Center Road; no not in the designated bicycle lanes, but in the middle of the east bound lanes. Please keep in mind there are four churches on that street that have 8 a.m. services so there are a lot of vehicles along the road, designed to accommodate them. Each vehicle paid a fee by purchasing a license plate to help pay for the road. The cyclists pay zero. It’s my understanding the taxpayers spent millions to construct a bicycle path and overpass just for that purpose. So what’s wrong with using it? Was it because no one could see you in your skinny little tights? I would like to know just how much that little episode cost the taxpayers. I didn’t know Venice had employed so many police officers; there were several at each corner stopping traffic. No, not the bikes, the cars. Whoever planned this must have an “all about me” attitude. Hopefully next year, you will be astute enough to use the bike trail for which it was built, or go out to the airport and do laps on the runway. There is way less traffic out there.

Medicare & death. You asked if Medicare should be killed. Only over my dead body.

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