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Updated: 04/09/2014 09:00:04AM
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Too late. It’s too bad the Gondolier Sun printed the articles about the sustainable home tour as well as Field and Stream at Lemon Bay Conservatory in Saturday’s paper, which was the day of the events, rather than in Wednesday’s edition, which would give readers an opportunity to plan to attend. The home tour article even listed information regarding advance ticket sales, which was too late. The Conservatory article asked volunteers to come out, again giving people very little advance notice.

It’s a sign. I was in Venice all last week on Business 41. I actually saw one bicyclist wait until he got the “Go” signal to go across Business 41. Everybody else is ignoring the electronic “hand” up. And they think that the hand up has 25 seconds to count down, that means that they’re supposed to walk across the highway. I think somebody needs to do something. I notice in other states, they have a different color on the “Walk” and “Don’t walk” signs. Also, the speed limit is 70, but the big thing now is the people that are driving slower than the rest of the traffic in the left lane. They act like they own that lane because they may be going 69 or 70. But they need to pull over and let the faster cars by, although they might be violating the speed limit. They are a bigger hazard than the people going 75.

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