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Updated: 01/04/2018 08:30:01AM

The baddest jack

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Paul Valenti from Connecticut caught and released this large Amberjack while fishing on the TommyV2

By Josh Olive

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Most of you have probably caught a jack at some point. Jack crevalle are common catches around Charlotte Harbor. Most local anglers hold them in fairly low esteem, probably because they aren’t a favorite food fish (although they’re fantastic smoked, and really not at all bad fresh if you cut out all the red meat before cooking). But even the most jaded fish snobs will have to agree that these fish can really pull. Even a little 14-incher can put a deep bend in your rod.

Now, imagine a fish with the same power and bulldog tenacity, but let’s lengthen the body to about 3 feet and bump up the weight to 25 pounds. As a bonus, we’ll make the flesh more palatable. Suddenly it’s a little tougher to look down your nose at this opponent.

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