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Updated: 02/01/2018 08:30:01AM

The birds and the bees and the fishies

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By Capt. Ralph Allen

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Big fish get together and make little fish. Since nothing lives forever, reproduction is critical for the continuation of all the species which share our planet — ourselves included. There are plenty of unsolvable mysteries involved with human courtship and mating, but the actual act of human reproduction is a pretty straightforward process. You see, a man and a woman … (if you don’t know what goes here, ask your father) … and nine months later a baby is born, which the parents spend almost two decades rearing.

Fish do it differently. Various species of fish have vastly differing reproductive strategies, most of which are completely unlike the way humans propagate. There are a few fish such as sharks and stingrays which give live birth to pups — miniature versions of themselves, ready for action as soon as they are born.

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