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Updated: 04/12/2018 08:30:01AM

Cool new baits

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By Greg Bartz

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I was looking in my bait box on the boat the other day and started to laugh. I thought back to when I started fishing and wondered how we ever caught any fish at all without all of these baits. The difference between then, at age seven, compared to now at age … well, never mind. But the change is unreal when it comes to the baits we use.

I can almost count the number of different baits I had on one hand. Plastic worms were not in the plan. Why use those when you could get live nightcrawlers? Or you could hook a minnow on a jighead and go to work. If you had a spinnerbait at all, you were lucky. A lure was no good if it didn’t say Rapala on the box. I think my dad had a Hula Popper, a Rebel Pop-R, and about three different Devil Blades. And that was it. If you weren’t fishing live bait, you simply weren’t fishing.

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