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Updated: 05/17/2018 08:30:01AM

Let that fawn alone

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By Pam DeFouw

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How do you spell cute? F-A-W-N — and they are all over these days. This is the time of year when female deer drop their fawns — and when I say drop, I mean drop! After birth, the mother may drop off the fawn in some of the most unlikely places, such as a front porch, a garden, or right up next to your house.

The normal white-tailed deer gestation period is approximately 188 to 200 days. In Southwest Florida, the birthing season begins in March and ends in September, with May and June being the busiest. Deer may have from one to three fawns, which are born fully furred, eyes open, and about 4 to 8 pounds. They’re able to stand within an hour.

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