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Updated: 03/13/2014 02:59:30PM

Fishin’ in the rain

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By Tom Johnson

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Nothing brings out a fisherman’s eternal optimism like a rainstorm. During dreadful downpours, anglers tend to utter happy but nonsensical statements. Here is a short list of thoughtless wet words. I’ll bet you’ve heard every one.

“A little rain never hurt anybody.” Basically, this is true. But if you feel the need to vocalize this proverb, the rain is generally not “little” anymore. If it was, you could ignore it. Yes, individual raindrops are small. But put enough of them together and they become as irritating as dawdling drivers in the passing lane. Also, the definition of a “little” rain is not clear. I would consider speckles on sunglasses small. Rivers running down my forehead is not. I first heard the “little rain” comment from my father during a rampaging rainstorm on Cedar Lake. It was an intensely cold spring day, even for Minnesota. I was soaked to the bone and shivering like a dog at the vet’s office. In today’s world, this would be considered child abuse. Back then, it was called going fishing with Dad.

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