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Updated: 03/13/2014 02:59:23PM

Hunting helps the wild

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By Capt. Josh Greer

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Once upon a time, wild animal populations did quite well without any interference from us. Sure, we killed a few animals for food, but that really wasn’t a big deal — there weren’t enough of us around to make a serious dent in their numbers. Prey and predator lived in balance, keeping one another in check. That’s how the system was designed, and it worked really well.

Then we invented a thing called agriculture. We began killing various animals that got into our crops or preyed on our livestock. On a small scale, this was not a big deal. But agriculture was massively successful, and the number of people began to go up dramatically. Soon we needed more land area for planting corn and raising cattle, so we began clearing off the original vegetation from millions of acres. We also killed most of the animals that lived there, either directly or by taking away their habitat.

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