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Updated: 06/26/2014 08:00:07AM

Click, click goes the Glock

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By Billy Carl

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Hey shooters, most all the students that I train are concerned about the type of safety system that is on their particular type of semi-auto pistol. One of the most misunderstood types, and one of the most asked about systems, is the type used on the ever-popular Glock pistols. In the eyes of many shooters, if the gun doesn’t have a lever type safety, a palm safety, or a de-cocker system, it doesn’t really have a true safety system. Many times, these are the same people who have difficulty keeping their finger off the trigger and out of the trigger well until they’re on target.

Frequently, people say to me, “the Glock system isn’t a safe system.” Nothing could be further from the truth. When the Glock pistols were first introduced to us back in the mid-80s, they were truly a different type of handgun. They featured a very innovative design with easy operation, extreme reliability, simple function, very minimal maintenance, the durability of an AK-47, and were lightweight. Actually, they were the first company to successfully produce a polymer handgun frame and marry it to a strong steel slide and barrel. The special hardening process is applied to all the major metal components and leaves them nearly as hard as diamonds. It also seals out moisture and helps prevent corrosion. The matte black finish that supplied the final process is extremely resistant to abrasion and scratches. Should this finish wear off after heavy or extensive and severe use, the surface still retains its corrosion protection and durability. When is the last time you saw a rusty Glock? They also require almost zero lubrication — too much lubrication in the firing pin area is a bad thing.

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