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Updated: 07/25/2014 08:00:00AM

Battling bug bites

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WaterLine photo by Josh Olive

It only took about three minutes for this welt to raise up.

WaterLine photo by Josh Olive

A no-see-um goes to town on Lee's arm. Yummy!

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I have a love-hate relationship with mosquitoes, midge flies and other biting insects, and they always let me know who’s intruding on whose turf. Once bitten, I know what’s coming. All I can do is watch the welt grow. After a while, the welt turns into a small, itchy bump. Then a big, itchy bump. Eventually, all that’s left is a small discoloration of my skin.

Over the years, I’ve come to believe that clothing is the best prevention. I’ve used just about every repellent out there, even ones that specifically say they keep all no-see-ums at bay. Absolutely nothing has worked to completely fend them off. If you’re outdoors, you’re on their turf, and on the menu.

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