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Updated: 08/08/2014 08:17:18PM

Raccoons: Too smart to arm

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By Robin Jenkins, DVM

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My faithful readers and I have been on some wild rides together over the years. From troubleshooting computer problems (that one ended with the sage advice to consult an expert) to discussing the proper way to cook eagle (that one started with “don’t”), every week is an adventure. Heck, every day at Peace River Wildlife Center is an adventure. We never know what will walk, crawl, slither, fly, or be carried through the door next. But thanks to a recent experience, I know what I hope to never see.

Some friends and I recently went to see the superhero film “Guardians of the Galaxy.” OK, maybe not so much “friends” as my family, who will deign to be seen with me in public periodically, and one poor girl from work who I can only assume feared for her job if she declined my invitation. I know I am no movie critic, but I feel eminently qualified to discuss this particular movie because I am an expert on many aspects of it. The stars are a machine gun-wielding raccoon and an awesome ‘70s music soundtrack. There may have been one or two other characters in there as well, but they were pretty superfluous to the plot as I see it.

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