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Updated: 08/08/2014 08:17:17PM

Learning to expect the unexpected

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In my career as a charter fishing guide, one of the things that I learned very early on was to expect the unexpected during every trip and. It still amazes me to this day at just how fast the bite can change on you during a fishing excursion, and let’s not even get into how fast the weather can change. I’m pretty sure we all know that fishing styles change about every three months or so along with the seasons, and most of us also know that things can and often do change overnight. But for those of us who are fortunate enough to be on the water more than a few days a week, we know that the bite can also change in a blink of an eye, for better or worse, and that change is almost always unexpected.

I’ve also learned to expect the unexpected from every client, even if the client is a regular. Even so, it still shocks me from time to time just how fast a client’s, friend’s or even family member’s demeanor can change during the course of a fishing trip. One minute the bite is on fire, and everybody on board is hooting and hollering and having the time of their lives. Seconds later, the bite goes ice cold — and along with it the people you’re fishing with. I guess that’s to be expected. When the fish are biting, people are happy and friendly. When the bite stops, people stop liking you — at least, it can feel that way sometimes. If you want to get everyone in your fishing party back in a good mood (and liking you again), just figure out how to get the fish to start biting again. Problem solved!

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