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Updated: 08/28/2014 08:00:02AM

Strange bait

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By Tom Johnson

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Weird bait. Hey, now there’s a topic that doesn’t come up much at the family dinner table. But since the dawn of time (or maybe longer), anglers have been obsessed with the idea that there is some secret substance or magical lure for catching fish.

Number one on the list: The legendary fish attractant WD-40. Supposedly, you hose down your live bait or lure with WD-40 and the fish are instantly excited. Now, we all know fish are not intellectual giants, but sucking on spray-on lubricant? Come on; only teenage primates would do something that stupid. But even non-urban legends have some basis in fact. I have heard more than one old fogey praise the power of WD-40. Environmentalists flinch at the thought.

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